Friday, June 17, 2011

Spice Rack Remote Edition

Today's entry is one of my favorites, and its a good response to what can be a real nuisance plant. In the fall, morning preferably and cut the mint stalks off at the ground, if, like us, you are trying to hold back the mint menace go ahead and pull them up by the roots. Take the cut stalks, bundle them together, and hang them somewhere cool and dry. In three or four weeks you can pull the leaves off and throw them in a canister or jar.

Once spring comes around and its time for iced tea, or for us February, you can either use a few leaves in the jar/pot with your preferred tea bag or leaves or you can take two tablespoons of leaves and brew some sun tea with just the mint leaves.

I've found that this slows down the sugar stampede from the girls when it is iced tea season. And I'd continue with some more stories, but I'm on vacation posting this on my phone.