Friday, May 14, 2010

Gardening in Indiana

Ok, let's set the scene. Three weeks ago DD and I are at Lowes buying two for one plants. Some tomatoes, peppers, and other stuff. It's early for our zone but we can keep them in the house until it's time.

I was wanting to plan right away, and I was told I was silly. Then we talked about the people at the plan shop in the parking lot at the mall that were saying you should plant now and that is totally safe to do so. DD laughed about them a lot. On our way out of Lowes with a cart full of plants a gentleman walked up to us and asked if it was ok to plant now.

DD explains that no, not at all, there is still a strong chance of frost, in fact there is a strong possibility of frost just three days from now. We talked about the garden shop that was so silly as to tell us to plant now, and my wife talked about how she was going to wait to plant our plants.

We get home and someone picks up the plants, walks out side, and plants them.... All of them. Three days later, we did get frost. We lost the tops of almost all the tomatoes, and a couple peppers. Most of it has survived, but I think it's a perfect example of my wife's gardening insanity.

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