Thursday, March 31, 2011


This morning I got up a little late and a little sore from Judo, but it was the good "I did something" soreness. Beautiful, if cold, Spring morning outside. Wobbled into the bathroom and started waking up, until I walk around some on cold mornings my achilles tendons are like steel cables. Find out from my darling wife that she is going to take the little one to daycare since she is off work and they can all sleep in. Take a nice hot shower, mosey around the bathroom getting dressed and brushing my teeth. Look in the mirror and remark to myself that I'm looking pretty sharp today. Say good bye to my wife, walk through the game room where the futon is filled with three teenaged girls like puppies in a cardboard box. Get myself a bowl of cereal, grab a glass of Mountain Dew, remark to myself how much cleaner the glasses are getting since we changed dish soap. Grab my book, 30 pages till the end of the series, I can knock this out and head on into work. Go to sit in my reading chair and dump the cereal in my lap.

Half an hour later I run out the door late for work.

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