Monday, July 18, 2011

Totally Random

So today I'm driving down the highway and I see a Brighthouse van, and in my rear view mirror a Comcast van. As I passed the Brighthouse van I could see the Comcast van gaining on us.

In my mind the following scenarios played out.
Artists Rendition of the great Cableformers Battle.
  1. The Comcast Van pulled up next to the Brighthouse Van and they started trying to drive each other off the road.
  2. The two vans pulled even and started a gun battle.
  3. The two vans pull up together and transform into giant robots fighting for domination of the zip code.
  4. Extras from Mad Max IV (Beyond Cabledome) crawl out of the backs of the vans and start beating each other with hockey sticks.
Funny thing is I actually tensed up for it and was staring in the rear view mirror a bit more than I should have.....

What actually happened is the rattle trap Brighthouse van moved out of the way of the Comcast vehicle... unlike the way it made me move around it.

Silly thing is, I have satellite anyway.