Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge - Cumin

Seriously, why can I not seem to stay on top of this???  Why must I wait until the last minute?  Is it that I have three kids from 18 to 4?  A full time job that I love but uses up a lot of energy both during work and personal time?  Is it that I just have too much going on at any given time?  It could be any of these, or it could simply be that I procrastinate and sometimes just run out of time!  I had the best plans for this one, I was going to try several new recipes and use the best.  Instead, I once again fall back on an in use recipe.  Does this make the spice rack a failure for me?  NO  For me the purpose of the spice rack is to use up my spices, stay connected, and gather new recipes.  All of these items are in play.

Everyone has one of these right?
 The other thing the spice rack challenge has done for me is force me to look at my awful spice box more often.  I have hated my spice box for ages.  To call it a spice box is really an overstatement.  For the last 5 years my spices have been in a cardboard box.  Literally tossed in.  There was no rhyme or reason.  No organization.  I despised getting into it.  It was kept mostly on the floor of our overcrowded pantry.  Stepped over, pushed around and a general mess.  For some time I have wanted to organize.  I have playing with ideas and thoughts about what containers would work best, where would I keep it and how would I be able to make whatever system I tried work for me.  This month, I finally said enough thinking, time to start doing!  I took the leap.  I found tins, I decided on square as they will fit snuggly in the drawer I wanted to use.  I ordered them on line, nervous about what I would receive.  I cleaned out the designated drawer in preparation for the arrival.  Finally they arrived!  I could not even wait a minute!  I immediately opened the boxes, removed the tins and started the project.  It took me less than an hour of organization and the result.  Well, see below:

A couple unknowns in there, and a few empties still.

These are beautiful.  I LOVE them!  I have actually showed off my spices in the last week and both folks want to buy the tins and do their own!  I wonder if I could get commission???  Honestly, the results are the reward I need.  I now know where ALL my spices are and can tell at a glance if I have something!

Oh, and now a recipe.  I went with a spice rub we use.  We use it when grilling but my favorite way is on fried green tomatoes.  The cumin is not a star in this recipe but part of the purpose for the challenge is to "use up" what we have so this serves that purpose.

Creole Seasoning (from Dinasour Barbeque cookbook)

1/2 c paprika
1/2 c granulated garlic
1/4 c granulated onion
3 T black pepper
2 t white pepper
2 t cayenne pepper
1/4 c dried oregano
1/4 c dried thyme
2 t ground cumin
2 T sugar

Mix and store in an airtight container.  We put this on almost any meat for grilling but I prefer it on chicken.  But my favorite way to have it is sprinkled on green tomatoes before breading with panko crumbs then frying.  It is also absolutely delicious added to ranch dressing to spice up your salad!

It's Football Time!!!

I'm working on posting what this is about.

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