Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oops by Woodman with an addendum by Daisy Driver

Ok, my wife has stated several times that she needs to post, and there is a story she needs to post. I have decided to take the weight of this off of her shoulders and post here what happened.

When we were making our marmalade for the can jam in January DD had also wanted to make wine jelly. We had a couple half bottles of red wine and she thought it would be cool to try to make this interesting sounding jelly.

Boiling, and preparing and canning later she sets the jars to the side to set. The next day we are checking how the marmalade set and it's all a little loose, and the wine jelly is a thing syrup. We decide that we can reboil it all and get the set right.

The next weekend is the next time we have time to mess with this. DD hands me the jars and tells me to pour them all out into one container. I fill that container pretty quick and she gives me another. Then she looks at me and wonders how I filled a two quart jug and a quart jar with 6 pints of jelly.

There was a sneak attack from a quart jar of left-over coffee into the pile of containers of jelly. Standing in the kitchen talking to my wife and checking out the set on the marmalade I had poured a quart of coffee into the wine jelly...... The wine jelly on it's own tasted great.... not so much with a coffee aftertaste, and foretaste, and smell....

So, wine jelly is still on the list, but we have to start all over... which means we need to drink more wine.... I'm starting to see the good side of this.

Oh, and I don't know how the coffee got there, or even really who poured it in. It just sounds better if it was me, I really wasn't paying much attention anyway. I often get distracted working in the kitchen with her.

Addendum - ok, I'm going to have to step and take responsibility - not sure who really poured it in but I KNOW I am the one who got it out.  And why you ask do I have left over coffee in my fridge - take a look in my freezer right now and you will see.  I saved some more coffee later (and put in a more appropriately marked container).  Today I took the left over coffee, added a little sugar (or sweetener) and poured into a 9x13 pan and put in the freezer, use a fork to scrape every couple hours and we will be having delicious granita for dessert.  I'll get Woodman to post pictures later tonight, it is quite yummy, prevents waste and is a very light dessert.

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