Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Summer till now

Ok, for those of you who have a blog you know how this goes. You are driving down the road and you think to your self, "Oh yeah, I need to post about this!!!"

This is the garden back in May.
And then you get home and life happens to you. So, as you get ready to go to sleep something else hits you...

This is the Rhubarb cordial, syrup, stuff. It's all gone now, mostly in Rhubaritas, but some in Rhubarb Iced Tea.

A few days pass, maybe a week or two, or three, and you realize that you are way behind on anything you meant to talk about, and some things don't even make sense any more.

Some people get on planes and go to foreign places...
Some things show up and start eating shoes.

And sometimes, even when you post the most recent picture of something, it's still three weeks old.

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