Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ok, the square foot garden is moving along nicely. DD fixed it up with some new shit and peat and vermiculite a month or two ago and started planting. We've decided to leave the tomatoes out of the old garden and build a purpose built tomato garden. 1.5 feet by 12 feet, or maybe 16 feet. The rhubarb is coming up gangbusters and we've planted a strawberry bed. Oddly enough the corner where I suggested DD dump all the extra strawberries looks as good, if not better, than the planned garden.

Leftover Bed.
Planned Strawberry Bed.

Peas, and onions, and radishes, and stuff
Anyway, she got on a plane this morning and jetted off to Virginia, for a business meeting on Monday and Tuesday..... and a nice relaxing day or two at my Nana's place near Marshall Virginia. Something I noticed while mowing today is that whenever she leaves she leaves me this wish list of chores that I haven't been able to get done in the last few weeks with her here to help, but now somehow I'm supposed to be able to do on my own with the rugrats running wild.
Let's just go to the Farmer's Market!

So, on the list is... potato tower, tomato garden, finish the canning shelves, keep the house clean, mow, weed eat, and make sure no one dies.

My "Garden" Three tomatoes and three pepper plants.
We are in the middle of that wonderful season in the Midwest where if you don't mow every chance you get you have to rent a bush-hog. It took me a couple hours to mow and weed eat my 1/8th of an acre yard everything was so wet I could barely cut 1/4 of a pass at a time. I also started my garden with some things I got at the last winter farmer's market of the season. I used her dirt to do it, don't tell her.

BTW, all my images are ginormous, if you want to see something better click on it to embiggify.
Evil Mint, or stress relief?
Gratuitous Dog Shot


  1. Ok, for the record dearest, I have been asking since the beginning of March and now am down to "if it is not done when I get back, I won't be able to start my potatoes" time. I still have another week or so on the tomatoes but am quickly getting in a position where I will have to BUY manure because I no longer have time to let it ripen. What kind of tomatoes and peppers did you get? I suspected you got some yesterday! Thank you for all the work on the yard!

  2. I got some jalapenos. And some tomatoes... but I don't remember what kind and they aren't labeled. Black cherry and yellow pear I think were two of them. Meredith picked the yellow pear out.

  3. daisy driver-you're the winner of my "hip girl's guide to homemaking"! send me your email and mailing info and i'll forward it on to kate's publicist. congratulations!!!!