Friday, April 22, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge - Dill

I let this month get away from me (like that is something new) so I am falling back on a favorite instead of trying something new.  Woodman's favorite - Dilly Beans!!!  I have to confess, I don't like Dilly Beans, maybe it is an acquired taste but I probably won't ever have it enough to acquire it.  When we fist got married Woodman would often talked about Dilly Beans.  It is something he remembers from his childhood and loves so last year while participating in the CanJam, I gave it a try.

I am so happy I did, this recipe is so easy and Woodman loves it, his father loves it and a number of our friends love it.  So I get to provide the people I love with something they love with little effort.  Instead of recreating the original post I am just going to link here  Dilly Bean Can Jam so check it out especially the picture, those beans look like summer to me.

For this post I lucked into some organic beans on sale at our local market they also fresh dill so of course I made Dilly Beans.  I am so thankful to Mother's Kitchen though.  I had no idea the seed could be substituted for the head of dill.  I used fresh dill but it did not provide quite as strong a taste.  I now know for the future and once again am learning from the Spice Rack Challenge.  Thank you!

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