Thursday, December 31, 2009

I made a bed!!

I actually with my two hands and some powers tools covered in dust constructed a bed frame out of wood!

The Bed I made

I made a twin sized version of this, and next I'll make one for the youngest to get her out of her crib, and then maybe one for me!

After that, Bookcases!!!!

Who We Are.... Or mostly who I am

I'm thinking of questions that people who aren't reading this yet are going to ask....

Behind the break.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The pears are here!!!  The pears are here!!!  Ok, I know, how can you get so excited about pears?  Pears are a common fruit.  But these are Korean Pears - these are the most beautiful Korean Pears I have ever seen.  I swear they are each the size of my head!  Well, maybe not quite that big but they are HUGE. 

Let me start at the beginning.  Last week, I found a recipe for canning Asian Pears.  They sound delicious so I really wanted to try them.  Now, Asian Pears can be quite expensive and a little hard to get this time of year.  They are in season and are a very popular gift around the holidays.  I was thinking all this through and trying to decide whether to make the investment and the hunt for really good ones. 

Fortune smiled on me.  My very close friend gave me a box!!  How lucky can you get?  She told me last week she was getting them for me and I have been chomping at the bit ever since.  Her husband picked them up for me yesterday and I got them today.  I think he is a little horrified I am going to can them but I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  I can't wait to put them in jars with a mix of spices - of course we will eat some out of hand but the majority will be canned in some form.  I'll let you know how it goes - and of course will give a jar to my benefactor!  I hope she loves them!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Advantages of Names

The name "Thinking out Loud" allows a lot of freedom on posting. I'm not sure if it really is possible to get too off topic with this kind of Blog. I'll try to keep the stream of consciousness writing to a minimum; especially since those usually turn into slavering rants against silly things....

Christmas has passed once again. Quite a good Christmas in the Wood household as a matter of fact. The last two years I have been either unemployed or underemployed. Christmas is still a beautiful time of year without money.... with money after a long dry spell it was a bit easier. We paid cash for everyhthing (more on my cash philosophy later) and all five of us are pretty happy with the results. It was an odd feeling looking at the budget for the children and realizing we had gotten them most of  what they wanted and still had money in the budget.

Anyway Daisy Driver (from here on out DD) is getting some Asian Pears for Christmas from a friend... so our second canning adventure of this blog will be those... the first I'll let her cover.

Friday, December 25, 2009

First post!

I have to say despite the amount of posting I have done on forums around the internet that this is the first time I have ever typed the phrase "First Post!"........

This makes me proud.

It's interesting thinking that I am writing to an audience that does not exist at this point. Two years from now my entire legion of followers might get into holy flame wars trying to figure out what I meant when I said First Post.... but more likely my family and three random followers will just read the latest attempt at humor and sigh.

I'm Woodman. Haven't figured out what we are going to call my wife.

This blog is just what the title says it is.... Thinking out loud. Plus we needed somewhere to talk about this canning thing we are doing that I'll talk about later.

Right now it's time to go to sleep and wait for Santa.