Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who We Are.... Or mostly who I am

I'm thinking of questions that people who aren't reading this yet are going to ask....

Behind the break.

DD and I are married, have been for um... 3 years? I think that's right and I'm sure I'll find out real quick if it is not. We have three lovely girls. The older two are my responsibility, but not my fault. The youngest is our mutual creation. George is 17 years old, Mo is 12, and Junior is almost three. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

We both have positions in an industry that has been painted with the "Evil" brush this year by most of the branches of national government. I just picked up a new job in May after being un or under employed for about two years. Canning, thrift, doing with less, and budget concerns become something more than a nice ideas when your income is reduced by more than half for a couple years with three kids.

Last Febuary my wife and I attended a Dave Ramsey class and have been trying to live by the book Financial Peace ever since. I'll talk more about that later, at extended and nauseating lengths I'm sure. Shortly after we got on track with that I got my new position and we went back to a better income than we had before, but have not appreciably increased our standard of living. We will hopefully be debt free except our house by this Summer or Fall. Before 2011 we hope to be at least halfway to a 6 month emergency fund.

I am x number of years younger than my wife, where x equals the number of years older than her that I look.
I consider myself lucky to have found a woman who is independent enough to be her own person while being dependent enough to make me feel needed.

I also have the uncanny ability to say the most innapproriate thing at the worst time and think it's funny.

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