Sunday, December 27, 2009

Advantages of Names

The name "Thinking out Loud" allows a lot of freedom on posting. I'm not sure if it really is possible to get too off topic with this kind of Blog. I'll try to keep the stream of consciousness writing to a minimum; especially since those usually turn into slavering rants against silly things....

Christmas has passed once again. Quite a good Christmas in the Wood household as a matter of fact. The last two years I have been either unemployed or underemployed. Christmas is still a beautiful time of year without money.... with money after a long dry spell it was a bit easier. We paid cash for everyhthing (more on my cash philosophy later) and all five of us are pretty happy with the results. It was an odd feeling looking at the budget for the children and realizing we had gotten them most of  what they wanted and still had money in the budget.

Anyway Daisy Driver (from here on out DD) is getting some Asian Pears for Christmas from a friend... so our second canning adventure of this blog will be those... the first I'll let her cover.

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