Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Garden!!!

DD is doing a raised bed garden this year. Our dirt is crap, nothing has done well the last couple years.

So, I got her some horse poop, and peat, and vermiculite... and a pulled groin later we had a raised bed garden.

In square foot gardening by some magic method you are able to put a million or so plants in each square foot. In some of the squares there are upwards of a couple dozen things growing. 24 carrots, 24 radishes... I have no idea how that works.

The cages are for peas and tomatoes, we can't plant the maters outside yet since we live in some of the most random weather in the US. Edit: Ok, peas and cucumbers, not tomatoes.

I put the string in, and she puts the plants in. And then the plants come up. The close up is Asian radish things. The site she gets a lot from is

I'm looking forward to more things like what we made for the can jam, which I'll talk about tomorrow.

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