Monday, January 4, 2010

Busy Weekend

I was a domestic goddess this weekend. No really, it is true. The can jam has gotten me in the mood to create. This weekend (remember, it was a long weekend) I made onions pickled pink which I already blogged about, dill pickles, sauerkraut which will take a few more days and then I turned to our other passion. Cooking and freezing meals. Woodman and I found some great deals at the grocery store Saturday morning so it was time to restock the freezer. Not a huge restocking but definitely filling in the gaps. Our local grocery store has great manager's specials which we like to take advantage of. Saturday seems to be the morning. This week we bought 9 pounds of ground beef which became sloppy joes for two meals and 156 precooked meatballs - yes I did say 156! These will last us quite a while and are great for popping in sauce for pasta, meatball sandwiches, meatball stew and many other items. We also bought two whole pork tenderloins - had one sliced for grilling and divided the other into two roasts for meals. One will be a roast with gingersnap gravy and the other will be pork goulash. Lastly, we found a marked down pack of chicken which made chicken pad thai on Saturday for company and will make a nice chicken pot pie later this week. I spent less than $40 on the meat and will have many meals out of this. I love saving money and being prepared for the weeks ahead!!!!

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