Sunday, January 10, 2010

Domestic Frenzy

It is another weekend and I have been very busy. Sometimes I think I need to go to work on Monday just to relax! Of course I really love this kind of work. This weekend I worked on my can jam entry. I have never done anything with citrus so this has been an adventure but I will save most of that for next week for my "official" entry. Right now I am going to talk about all the other things I have done and hopefully I can get Woodman to post some picture. I have sliced, peeled and chopped my way into a blissful coma this weekend. Yesterday I started with the marmalades. I tried two different types and am not sure which one we will use for the can jam. I had never made a marmalade so the sitting time gave me a long rest.

So, did I rest?

Really, you obviously don't know me yet. When I was done with the first boil and prep, I moved on to the Thai pears I talked about before - they were very yummy but I think I will use more lemon next time and maybe a little less ginger.

Next up, in my search before the holidays of sites through Tigress (my favorite site right now) I found a recipe for citrus peels that looked really good so I have been having the sprouts save their peels and thought I would candy them along with the left over marmalade scraps. These turned out terrific and if you are interested, the recipe is here.

Then last night I finished and canned the marmalades and we had a sampling of both for breakfast today. Pretty yummy!

With all this activity, you would think I would be done. But no, much like the energizer bunny, I just had to keep going. Today, I decided to make some yogurt, I'll have to let you know how that turns out because I have never tried it before. My final domestic task, wine jelly. Never heard of it? Me either but I had a bottle of wine (actually two partial) that were sitting here and we just weren't going to drink them. I hate for anything to go to waste so I had to find something to do with it. They are in the water bath as I type, again, I will have to let you know on this one but I did lick the spoon while I was cleaning up and I think I'm gonna like this.

Well, that was it for this weekend, and it is only 3pm on Sunday, surely I can find something else to get in to???

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