Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow and Fire

Ok, it's things like this that made me pick the name for the blog....

I have a desk that is not right by a window, but if I lean back a bit I have a clear view of one about 15 feet away right by the copier. All day yesterday I saw people go up to pick up something from the copier and get stuck staring out at the snow falling. A couple of them for several minutes.

I did it a couple times myself when I went to go get coffee. I do the same thing with camp fires or fires in our fireplace. I get lost trying to make order out of it, there is just enough order to think that it's organized, but then a swirl of wind comes by and it's all gone. Some people I've talked to have said it's because it's beautiful... I think there is something to be said about the chaos and order and patternless patterns.

But, maybe that's just the way my head works. I agree that it's beautiful; I'm just not sure if that explains the almost hypnotic qualities of snowfalls and fires. Every second you look at it it's renewed.

Dunno, this post sounded better in my head though.

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